Hetronic's versatile, fully programmable receivers are designed for maximum functionality and built to withstand the most rugged field environments. Whether the application requires AC- or DC-powered relays, solid state or serial interface outputs, Hetronic offers the perfect receiver solution for your stationary or mobile machine operation.


MFSHL AC8 and AC16

Compact and lightweight, our MFSHL AC8 and AC16 receivers offer the simplicity and convenience of quick disconnect, internal antennas, H-Link programming, MC protection, up to sixteen outputs and more.


For mobile or vehicle-mounted applications, our MFSHL DC 8/16 is competitively priced and enabled for 2.4 GHz. Our innovative design combines DC 8 and DC 16 functionality into one versatile receiver.

RX ES, RX 2, RX 4

Compact and rugged, these receivers are lightweight and equipped with up to four relay outputs, internal antennas, IP65-rated protection and more. The RX ES is available with AC-supply voltage.

RX T Series

Small and lightweight, the RX T Series features up to fourteen solid-state outputs and one proportional output for valve control, quick disconnect, internal antenna and more.

RX HL Series

For more complex operations, the RX HL Series offers impressive features, including up to thirty relay outputs, up to four voltage control outputs, up to four inputs, diagnostics, quick disconnect, H-Link program capability and more.


Rugged and reliable, our RX BMS offers twelve relay outputs, modular expandability, full analog and digital capability, cable backup capability, 12/24 VDC supply, diagnostics and more.


This versatile receiver provides twelve solid-state FET outputs, up to six inputs, CAN interface capability, configuration software, eight integrated proportional outputs, diagnostics and more.

Serial Communications

For serial communications, our receivers accommodate CAN-Bus, Profi-Bus, DeviceNet or RS232/485 serial communications link control, full analog/digital capability, full feedback and much more.

RX Modular

For the ultimate in flexibility for analog and digital outputs, our modular receivers are designed to the safety level of your machine, accommodating virtually every available option.


Our explosion-proof receivers are ATEX-, NEC-, and FM-approved; Zone 1- and Zone 2-compliant; feature digital or proportional outputs, and are fully-customizable and engineered to order.

For more information and how to buy visit www.Hetronic.com.


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