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Rugged, yet remarkably lightweight, the customizable Nova XL is ideal for any application requiring multiple functions with digital or proportional precision controls. Choose up to four dual-axis joysticks (digital or proportional) or up to eight fully-proportional paddle levers. The large panel design lends itself to customization through additional toggle switches or an optional graphic display and causes minimal operator fatigue.


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H-Link: Ideal Solutions for Mobile Hydraulic EquipmentAround the world, wireless remote control systems are replacing traditional control stations with increasing momentum. Hetronic is a global market leader in Radio Remote Control systems (RRCs), known for developing wireless systems that are trusted in virtually every industry and application worldwide for their ability to improve safety, reduce operational costs and increase operational productivity.

Captivating the World of RailHetronic is driving the future of locomotive controls with customizable RRC technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to improve the safety and efficiency of locomotives.


Rugged and Lightweight DesignErgonomically constructed of impact-resistant polymer composite, the lightweight yet rugged Nova XL is the ideal choice for superior performance in the most challenging environments.

Digital or Proportional FunctionalityThe Nova XL is one of Hetronic's most versatile RRCs, and is available with up to four dual-axis joysticks (digital or proportional) or up to eight proportional paddle levers. Several standard configurations are available for the most common applications, and all are easily customized to fit a variety of applications.

Optional Graphics Display CapabilityHetronic's roomy, panel-like design provides ample space for customization such as an optional graphics display and additional toggle switches.

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Greater Functionality to Fit Your NeedsFor greater functionality, consider Hetronic's extensive GL product line. GL products offer a range of customizable or off-the-shelf solutions.

The Nova L SolutionBuilt to the same exacting standards as our NOVA XL, the Nova L offers two dual-axis joysticks (digital or proportional) or up to six fully-proportional paddle levers for when fewer-functions are needed.

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