The ERGO-F Transmitter is the latest generation of the popular ERGO Series Transmitters. Compact and versatile, the ERGO-F is available in three thoroughly programmable standards. Innovative features include a refined ergonomic profile, multi-speed capability, easy remote setup, H-Link programming and more. With its clever memory-key technology, the ERGO-F can retain settings, prevent unauthorized use and even create spare memory key caps. Simply snap the spare key cap into place; there is no need to reconfigure the ERGO-F in cases of cap loss or damage. The memory-key cap is also virtually indestructible as an Emergency Stop feature.

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From Simple to the Most Complex Industrial OperationsFrom operating simple overhead cranes and hoists to controlling complex manufacturing and materials-handling operations, you can depend on Hetronic to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective RRC solutions with frequency interference protection, short-range start-up capabilities, and more.


Ergonomic DesignOperators appreciate the exceptional comfort and well-balanced feel of the ERGO-F. Its sleek profile and precision-control capability substantially minimizes operator fatigue.

Memory-Key TechnologyThe remarkable ERGO-F never requires reconfiguration in cases of cap loss or damage. Simply snapping the spare into place is all that is required for full operability. The innovative memory-key cap also doubles as a virtually indestructible Emergency Stop.

Multi-Speed FunctionalityPractical, flexible and versatile, the ERGO-F provides the functionality of four-motion, three-speed push buttons.

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