Abrazaderas del rectificador controlado de silicio (SCR)

For more than thirty years, Methode’s Power Group has specialized in SCR clamp technology, offering a wide variety of clamps with shorter-than-average lead times. Clamp loads range from 700 lbs. (363 kg.) of force with 2.125 in. (53.98 mm.) bolt spacing to 20,000 lbs. (9,072 kg.) of force with 7.50 in. (190.5 mm.) bolt spacing. Our easy-to-use clamping application alleviates the need for torque requirements or complicated loading techniques. With a custom PIP Gauge for clamps less than 10,000 lbs. of force, or Methode's innovative load-pin system for clamps 10,000 lbs. and higher, our clamps are easy to load and the most consistent clamps in the industry. For a complete list of SCR Clamp Assembly Kits, see the Technical Library below.

  • Short lead times
  • All parts come pre-assembled
  • Wide variety
  • SCR locating pins already installed
  • Thermal modeling available to optimize performance

Biblioteca técnica

Clamp Mounting Procedures

[PDF 238.49 KB]

SCR Clamps Data Sheet

[PDF 2.76 MB]


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