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In today’s compact designs, relatively fragile power semiconductors generally require a one-piece aluminum extruded heat sink to limit their temperature rise and prevent premature failure. Methode’s standard tooled extrusion heat sinks satisfy a broad range of semiconductor cooling needs, and can be used for most industry-standard semiconductor cases, including power modules, IGBTs and isolated flat-base devices. In addition, they can be extruded up to 21 in. wide and custom-machined to meet special mounting needs.

  • Extrusions up to 21 in. wide
  • 21 in. wide heat sinks with ratios as high as 10:1
  • Can be machined to meet your packaging needs
  • Multiple extrudable aluminum alloy choices
  • Multiple plating options



Thermal ExpertiseOur large selection of standard profiles and expertise in thermal management and thermal modeling ensure your heat sink is customized for optimal performance for any application.

Machining CapabilitiesWith more than eighteen state-of-the-art CNC machining centers that feature automated cut-off saws, our heat sink manufacturing facilities offer superior finishing, stamping and forming capabilities.

Case Studies & Testimonials

High-Ratio Heat Sink Replaces Bonded-Fin SolutionMethode was approached to find a replacement for a bonded-fin heat sink that was too large, too heavy and too expensive.

Thermal Modeling Reduces Customer CostsMethode was tasked with offering a welding-equipment manufacturer a next-generation product contained within an existing enclosure, while maintaining sufficient air flow.

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Bonded-Fin Heat SinksFind the perfect bonded-fin solution for any forced-convection application.

Liquid-Cooled Chill Plates or Chill BlocksTo meet your higher power application needs.

SCR ClampsFind the precise SCR Clamp for your SCR heat-sink requirements.

Plating Options

Methode offers a variety of different plating options for all extruded heat sinks:

  • Anodize (multiple color options)
  • Hardcoat anodize in black and clear
  • Chromate
  • RoHS-compliant chromate
  • Nickel
  • Bright chromate dip

Custom Profiles

Methode is always developing new extrusion profiles to meet our customer's requirements. If a custom solution is required, we will work with you to design a new profile that meets your mechanical and thermal requirements.


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