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In very demanding power applications where significant heat is generated in a small volume, Methode’s bonded-fin designs can meet your packaging needs by increasing the heat sink surface area without increasing volume, reducing thermal resistance by fifty to sixty-six percent. Bonding fins to a heat sink removes the design-limiting fin extrusion ratio found in extruded heat sinks. Typical extrusion fin ratios range from 4:1 up to a maximum 16:1; while bonded-fin designs allow ratios up to 44:1 or greater, providing cooling in forced convection for high-power applications. Fins, fabricated from sheet metal or through extrusion, are bonded to the extruded or machined base with a highly conductive thermal resin. For a complete list of Bonded Fin profiles, see the Technical Library below.

  • Aluminum, copper or mixed metal bonded-fin assemblies
  • Copper base and aluminum fin
  • 44:1 or greater fin ratios
  • Fins fabricated from sheet metal or extrusion
  • Increased surface area
  • Lower thermal resistance
  • Up to 21 in. (533.4mm) width bases
  • Used for high-power forced convection applications
  • Highly thermal conductive bonding resin with minimal thermal loss
  • Fin heights based on application

Case Studies & Testimonials

High-Ratio Heat Sink Replaces Bonded-Fin SolutionMethode was approached to find a replacement for a bonded-fin heat sink that was too large, too heavy and too expensive.


Fin Length

Methode fabricates fins from sheet metal that can be sheared to specific sizes. We can customize your straight fins depending on the thermal performance requirements and package-size height constraints. For more complex designs, we can extrude fins to a specific shape and length.

Plating Options

Methode offers a variety of different plating options for all bonded fin heat sinks.

  • Chromate
  • RoHS-compliant chromate
  • Electroless nickel
  • Gold iridite
  • Bright chromate dip
  • Bright tin

Custom Designs

Methode is always developing new tooled aluminum extrusion base profiles to meet our customer's requirements. If a custom solution is required, we will support your thermal modeling and assist you to design a new profile that meets your mechanical and thermal requirements.


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