Methode's PowerBud® power contacts use an innovative multiple contact point design that creates lower insertion force, lower temperature rise, lower power loss and higher cycle life than conventional power connectors. This unique design uses two rows of performance-engineered copper-alloy conductors arranged one over the other, which creates highly redundant contact points. This feature lowers both contact resistance and normal contact force. The PowerBud’s insertion force is three to five times lower than equivalently rated electrical connectors. Less metal-on-metal wear during mating and unmating translates to a typical 10,000 cycle life. Additionally, PowerBud’s power connector contact resistance is two to three times lower than equivalently-rated power connectors. Learn more in our PowerBud White Paper.


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OCP ConnectorThe Open Compute Project Connector (OCP Connector) is a blind-mate bus bar clip compatible with the Open Rack platform.

PowerRail Pluggable Bus BarOur custom-engineered PowerRail® adds flexibility to data centers, allowing customers with the most demanding power-distribution needs to reliably operate.

MCC Bus Bar ClipThe MCC Bus Bar Clip Connector is a bus bar to bus bar connector having isolated opposing interconnects for two pole connections or combined single pole 400 Amp capacity.

PowerBud Products

EVSE Power Connector

Methode's electric vehicle connector for SAE J1772 level 2 charging is UL & CSA recognized and utilizes patented PowerBud® contact technology for superior electrical and mechanical performance.

Methode EV Charge Coupler Connector

Embedded Bud Connector

EBC (Embedded Bud Connector) is a press-fit, low voltage drop power socket designed for bus bar, printed circuit board and FusionLug® connections.

Embedded Bud Connector Data Sheet

MQuad Power Connector

A four-position panel connector designed for blind-mate applications, it is available for wire-to-wire or bus bar requirements in two connector sizes. At 600VAC with a 30°C temperature rise, the size 6.4mm MQuad can carry up to 150A per contact, while the 9.1mm MQuad can carry up to 250A per contact. Each PowerBud® connector floats under shoulder mounting hardware and self-aligns to the mating connector.

MQUAD Connector Data Sheet

Biblioteca técnica

PowerBud® White Paper

[PDF 352.37 KB]

Methode EV Charge Coupler Connector

[PDF 704.48 KB]

Embedded Bud Connector Data Sheet

[PDF 268.16 KB]

MQuad Data Sheet

[PDF 1.25 MB]


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