Powder Coated

Methode powder coated bus bars offer a variety of unique advantages over other types of insulation. Unlike film insulation which has limits at sharp bends, powder is deposited using an electrostatic spray process that can be applied to any shape or angle. Both pleasing to the eye and durable, powder insulation exhibits a high dielectric withstanding voltage. With our expertise in preparing the base metal, Methode achieves optimal adhesion of the powder to the metal.



Custom EngineeringMethode engineers work with our customers to meet insulation requirements at a reasonable cost.

AppearanceBus bars can be powder coated in various colors for differentiation in tightly packed cabinets.

Environmental ProtectionWith multiple powder options, Methode will recommend the one that is most appropriate for each application.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Laminated and Powder Coated Bus Bars for Medical EquipmentBus Bars are utilized for their space-saving, high-frequency, high-current capabilities and ability to conform to the specific application architecture.

Power Distribution System Minimizes Server DowntimeMethode designed a high-power pluggable distribution system for a customer who could not afford downtime.

Bus Bar Solution for Misalignment in Scalable Server SystemMethode works with the customer's engineers to optimize a scalable design for increasing the capacity of a high-end server where the system operates at a very low DC voltage.

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Parallel Path Cables (PPC)Flat power cables developed to minimize airflow, lower inductance and ease system routing problems, PPCs are designed for power distribution and grounding applications.


Powder Coating

Choose powder coating to effectively insulate conductors with sharp right angle bends.


Select the color of the powder coating to provide a cosmetically pleasing insulation solution.

Electrical and Environmental Requirements

Choose the appropriate powder coating that meets your electrical and environmental requirements.


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