Multi Conductor

Methode laminated bus bars are engineered to provide our customers with both electrical and mechanical performance benefits. Minimizing inductance and electrical noise, our multi conductor bus bars are critical in power-conversion applications and meet stringent partial-discharge requirements for inverter and traction-drive applications. Mechanically, our bus bars are designed to make precise connections to capacitor banks, IGBT power semiconductors, diodes, fuses, inductors and other components. Our bus bars can be designed and manufactured in any of our three global facilities.

  • Low inductance, minimal voltage drop and fast installation
  • Insulation and plating options available for demanding environments including defense and aerospace
  • Choice of aluminum or copper-alloy material to meet weight, conductivity and cost goals
  • Utilize laminated bus bar as mounting structure for electrical components such as capacitors and fuses
  • Mount other complimentary Methode PSG products to the bus bar such as power connectors and power cabling


Custom EngineeringExpert applications and design engineers are available to assist with our customers' designs worldwide.

High reliabilityWith fewer components and interconnects than traditional cable assemblies, Methode's laminated bus bars drastically limit opportunities for error.

High power densityOur laminated bus bars handle more power in less space, efficiently routing the power to meet our customers' requirements.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Reducing Inductance in Power Distribution SystemsLaminated bus bar construction is ideal for high power distribution. The interleaved conductors are thin and flat making excellent low magnetic flux emitting conduits.

Laminated and Powder Coated Bus Bars for Medical EquipmentLaminated bus bars are utilized for their space-saving, high-frequency, high-current capabilities and ability to conform to the specific application architecture.

Laminated Bus Bar for Aerospace ApplicationMethode creates a small yet efficient power distribution system for a helicopter application.

You Might Also Consider

Parallel Path Cables (PPC)Flat power cables developed to minimize airflow, lower inductance and ease system routing problems, PPCs are designed for power distribution and grounding applications.

Application Customization


Methode's bus bars have been designed and manufactured to distribute power in satellite systems, aircraft, flight controls, HVAC controls, radar systems and space-station applications.

Hybrid Vehicles

Electric and hybrid vehicle applications utilize bus bars to distribute power efficiently and meet the demanding automotive environmental requirements. Laminated bus bars are used in the power distribution of an automotive inverter and the two-layer construction delivers DC power from the capacitor bank to the IGBTs for three-phase power delivery to the AC induction motor.

Motor Drive Inverter

Methode offers a range of bus bar power-distribution systems for industrial applications.


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