April 21, 2014

Quantum® Cabling Solution Trademark Approved for Methode Electronics’ Data Solutions Group

Quantum® Cabling Solution, a comprehensive cabling offering for data centers developed by Methode Electronics’ Data Solutions Group, received its official trademark from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and has begun use of the trademark, effective January 6, 2014.

“Cabling can be the source of major headaches in data centers—often causing unruly and disorganized cabinets that aren’t fully utilized,” said Tim Hazzard, president of Methode Electronics’ Data Solutions Group. “We developed the Quantum Cabling Solution to help customers achieve optimal performance through organization and more efficient use of space.” Compact and reliable, Quantum minimizes part numbers and allows for easy access and trouble shooting, making it highly functional. Additionally, its simple configuration is aesthetically pleasing and reduces excess cable slack. The solution is adaptable to both vertical- or horizontal-mounted SFP blade systems and can be mounted in any 19-inch rack.

The mark, which has been in commercial use since October 2010, is registered for fiber optic connectors and couplings, fiber optic cables, patch panels, cabling routing systems and mounting rack systems. The Company also applied for and received a patent (number 8,391,663 B2) for the Quantum Cabling Solution on March 5, 2013. “By securing the official trademark and patent, we have set the Quantum Cabling Solution apart as a unique product offering and the first of its kind for the global data center market,” Hazzard said.

To learn more about Methode Electronics’ Data Solutions Group’s Quantum Cabling Solution, visit http://www.methode.com/data/cable-management/quantum-cabling-solution.html.

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