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Quantum Cabling Solutions Quantum Conversion Panel

Extend the lifecycle of your physical infrastructure and have the ability to manage high density Director Class Switches up to 512 ports. All lengths have been pre-configured based on the hardware requirements. An example would be the Brocade DCX FC8-64(vertical or horizontal) high density blades or DCX-FC8-48 (vertical or horizontal) blades, mounted in the DCX or DCX-4S Chassis.


Eliminate “unruly” and “disorganized” cabling in your data center cabinet with Methode’s Fast Channel Switch Connect. Benefits include:

  • More efficient use of space
  • Flexible infrastructure that can be easily upgraded and scaled
  • Simplicity in a solution consisting of only 4 components


High DensityBy employing the CTI Quantum Conversion Panel and the designed MTP-mSFP LC-Pro Slide harnesses one would be able to efficiently equip and cable all 512 ports within a Brocade DCX Director and have the ability to precisely manage all connectivity within the associated chassis.

Multiple OptionsUtilizing the CTI Quantum Conversion Panel, and MTP-LC or MTP-mSFP-LC-Pro-Slide harnesses, one would be able to convert their existing infrastructure and physical connectivity from standard LC connectors to mSFP-LC-Pro-Slide connectors without the expense of replacing their entire infrastructure. You would also be prepared for any future changes in physical connectivity and changes to the SFP’s in the hardware.

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Vertical or horizontal cabling configurations

For use with the DCX 4S (192-256 port) with horizontal blades (48 or 64 ports) or the DCX (384-512 ports) with vertical blades (48 or 64 port).

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