March 18, 2013

Methode Seminar at APEC - SmartPower Stack™ Advanced Power Converter/Inverter Technology

Speaker: Michael Stibgen, Business Development Manager
Date: Tuesday 3/19
Time: 1:30 pm
Location: APEC 2013, Long Beach Convention Center, Room 102 A

The SmartPower Stack™ is a fully integrated, deployment-ready commercial embedded system for high-volume solar, photovoltaic, wind, hybrid electric and electric vehicles, as well as high capacity uninterruptible power supply and efficient motor drive applications.

As part of this effort, National Instruments supplies the controller, I/O, simulation and programming toolset, SBE provides new high performance wound film capacitors, Fuji supplies industry leading IGBTs, AgileSwitch offers leading edge IGBT gate drives and Methode offers state-of-the-art bus bar architectures, thermal management solutions, assembly and test capability. Together, the five companies are creating fully integrated sub-system solutions for the power electronics industry with the highest performance for energy conversion inverters and converter systems.

Take the opportunity to learn first-hand about this new development and get your questions answered by an expert in the field.

The presenter, Michael Stibgen, is the product manager for the SmartPower Stack™ and has over 15 years of applied power electronics engineering experience.

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